I know through the last year many have asked me questions, and have asked me to comment on certain things. Also I find myself thinking of topics that do not in reality have a place in any other one location on the system. For tha and many more reasons I'm going to start a personal feature called "paraNORMAL Ramblings". It will be strictly based on my opinion and observations. I've been in this field for a while now, and also have spent much time observing without being a part. Also I have a strong scientific background. So I'm going to put it all together, tap into that vast dark area I call a brain and put out some ramblings from time to time on the subject of the (para)NORMAL.
Similarities between science and paranormal research

writing-rightAs I sit back on a quiet night and browse the Internet, I visit our brothers (and sisters) in the field of paranormal research. When I do, one thing seems to keep ringing out and hitting me in the face, and that is a sense of competition or wanting to be the first to plant their flag. Its just then that all those psych classes I took in college start to pop back into my head. (wow, makes you wonder where that was stored all this time. Must have been hidden behind the Queen lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody, and the memory of my 2nd grade teacher wanting me to write with my RIGHT hand!) One of the things I recall from those classes was that human development is broken into stages, and one of these stages has a need to "Make its Mark". So in a sense, its a deep seeded human need to want to make one's mark and be known as The GROUP that found the best evidence.
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