Over the next few weeks we'll be putting up a series of articles in this location to spotlite items you may need to know if you wish to become a paranormal investigator.    We will include some reasons why you may wish to make the transition from viewer to doer.   Also we'll explore some of the equiptment you may need to start your journey, some cautions to keep in mind, some tips and tricks, and then some help to get started.    As we progress through the series of articles we will also include information on how to take the next step towards a larger group and perhaps moving from a private endevour to a formal agency.
Where to Start:

Making the transition from an observer or general paranormal enthusiast to an investigator may sound difficult, but in all honesty the first and biggest step to overcome is simply to gather the determination to do it.   The rest is simply a matter of aquiring the tools to proceed and deciding how far you wish to go with it.    Also you must determine the type of approach you wish to take with it.   Whether you wish to take a more spiritual or a more scentific approach.  These are all questions you should ask yourself along the way, but by no means are you ever tied to your initial answer.  You may start investigating and find that your focus brings you in an entirely different direction.  Just simply be aware, and try to know which way you want to head so that you can make the best descision for you.
Equipment (Part #1)

At first when deciding on this topic I had thought it would be a nice and simple topic to allow beginners to see what equipment to purchase or acquire.   But as I started digging more and more past the equipment into the possibility of using alternatives the scope opened up so much.   Because of this I will bread this topic down into several parts.   First we will cover equipment for beginners.   Later in the series we will cover the same topic again but for experienced investigators.   And finally we'll cover the topic for larger groups who are ready venture into this "Full Monty" so to speak. 
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