Death Valley

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Death Valley was created by Galehawk
Cave City - Death Valley - This is a strait stretch of I-65 that runs between
Cave City and Glasgow. It isn't lined with trees or anything. Several fatal car
accidents have happened here. It is said that this piece of I-65 was build over
an Indian burial ground, and it is thought that this is what is causing the

I like to say is that I-65 doesn't go through Glasgow at all!
It goes through Bowlingreen to Park city, to Cave City and then it ends.
Most of the deaths and wrecks happen throughout I-65, most happen hear in our small town mostly near the Bridges, reason why people die is about the native american souls are not at rest and are not happy, they had a graveyard right where the Bridge goes to mammoth cave, then there are two graveyards old ones near the interstate. just this month alone there has been another death a man ran into parked cars killing him on impack.

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