Very strange dreams

7 years 3 months ago #1 by Tresses Of Nephthys
In my experience, these dreams will repeat and repeat and repeat until we learn what we need to learn from them. Looking at what literally happens won't help much, we much look at some of the symbols:

The house generally refers to the self. All the different rooms in the house have their own significant meaning, so think about the parts of the house you were in. If you moved throughout the house, think about how this made you feel. Did the house change or seem to grow larger or smaller as you moved through it?

The devil is not literally *THAT GUY*. Seeing demons in dreams means that you have a hidden aspect of you that must be exorcised out. Feelings of guilt, anger, repressed memories, bad relationship, etc. These are memories or situations that need to have light shed on them.

Snakes in old mythology could be seen as fiends but very many times they were bringers of wisdom. They were light bringers and represented the divine spark of life. Like a bolt of electricity running up the spine. In Freudian terms, snakes can be seen as phallic symbols, and cars for that matter.

With the reciting of the bible verses, it seems like you are having your own inner knowledge tested. It probably doesn't have much to do with religion at all, just your untested beliefs in general. If you think about it, what you thought you knew you might not be true, and what you thought untrue you may now find true. So let intuition guide you as you begin to clean out your closets. Hopefully these disturbing dreams will stop.

"Dead men have no need of pretense. What I seek is truth, light beyond light beyond Light. There are those who will tell you a different story. Who is to say which is right? But this I know: what I've seen with the naked eye has been fantasy, perhaps; but what I've known with the heart has been...

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7 years 3 months ago #2 by zydecopolka
Replied by zydecopolka on topic Re: Very strange dreams
First, welcome to GnH! Lots of friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable people visit here.

Second, the inner workings of the human brain are still a mystery. The ubiquitous "they" say dreams are the brain's way of processing the day's events. Generic dream analysis might give you a place to start, but it's my opinion that only you can interpret what you see in your dreams. Those cats in the last paragraph might represent love, warmth, fear, courage, good, evil, etc, pick a descriptor. I doubt there are any easy answers when it comes to dreams, but maybe one of our frequent visitors will chime in eventually with some better ideas.

Good luck in your search for answers, and be patient, these things can take some time.

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7 years 3 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #3 by salena
Very strange dreams was created by salena
Hi, I am new to this so bare with me.
Okay, for the past year and a half I have been having these strange dreams. Well, I had a few strange ones when I was little, but they have gotten worse and more frequent. My first dream was me fighting off a little green demon thing in my mother's bedroom. It had yellow eyes and very pointy teeth. We got in a fist fight and he just vanished in my dream after I hit him a couple times in the face and knocked over my mother's tv. The second dream was very scary. Okay so in my dream I met these two girls who invited me over to their house to spend the weekend. They lived in a very nice house. Kinda like a mansion. We had fun and goofed off a lot. We even got to ride some horses. So, come Sunday their dad had us sit at a table and said we were going to read from the Bible. He set a book in front of me and told me to look up a particular book and verse. I knew right off the bat that this was not a Bible and that what he was asking me to look up didn't exist. I kept telling him that the verse wasn't in there and that this wasn't a bible. He just kept getting angrier and angrier. So, then I started reciting the books of the bible to show him that what he wanted me to look up wasn't in there. I know the books thanks to my church making me memorize them for a song we did as a class :-) By the time I got to Leviticus the girls were holding their hands over their ears and screaming. The father then snatched the book away and ran out of the room. My dream then cut to a different room in the house where I was like floating over the mother in her bedroom. She was unaware of me. There on the floor she was drawing a star and then circled it twice.

The dream I had the next night was of my dead grandmother pointing me towards a car and told me there was a present in the glove box for my sister. I went and looked and it was a coral snake.

Last night I dreamt I went to someone's house and was trapped in the bathroom because two or three demon cats were trying to get in. They were held back by some sort of line or circle. I was on the floor holding someone I have never met back from trying to get to the cats. They weren't black or white, but grey with darker grey stripes on them. they had yellow eyes too. In my dream I prayed to protect me and others around me from anything bad getting to them. When I woke up I googled the meaning of this cat dream and I found this website. Please help me understand what is going on in my brain.
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