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6 years 9 months ago #1 by crystalcross
Its recently come to my attention that some equipment which I devices a number of years ago (the Magnetic induction EVP recorder, I called it the EMFVP recorder) has been used by several groups.

I think just as in scientific circles its nice to keep some link back to the original designer. What alerted me to it is when I happened to be watching an episode of Ghost Adventurers and they used such a device claiming they came up with it and are testing it out.

Now did they think of it also and just not do any searches to see if they may not be the first, quite possible. Just curious on everyone's thoughts about scientific advances in the paranormal field, and credits.

After all, most of us do not make any money doing this, so when we do come up with a new scientific method, its nice to know we contributed to the field.

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