PSYCHICS - THE SERIES: Chapter 1 - What Does A Psychic See?

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Ever wonder what exactly a psychic sees?, or

How does a psychic see things for you?

Psychics can see many things.  Different ones, working differently, may see different things.

So what exactly DO they see?

Well, let's take for an example that you were calling an intuitive to try to find out about a house you're interested in.  What exactly does the intuitive see about that house?

Well, it depends where they're standing (from an intuitive standpoint), what description you are going to hear.

It's like looking at a house from different angles.  If you ask someone to describe a house to you, it depends where they are standing, what description you are going to receive from that person.

If someone is up on the roof, then the landscape they will see will be much different than if someone is standing in front of the house... or even by the back door.  They might be seeing the same thing - the same situation, but from different angles.  Therefore they will describe different views, giving a different description of the same situation.

(Naturally there are those who only claim, but cannot - see, intuitively, that is - but that's not what the topic here, today is.)

Now, when you first start a session with an intuitive, you cannot readily know where that intuitive is 'standing'... from what angle they are describing the situation.  Most of the time, the intuitive, themselves aren't sure where they're standing... they just see what they see and that's what you get to know..  That's the information you receive.

So, it's important to remember that sometimes you go to an intuitive for a description of a house, and you're thinking you're going to get the description of the front of the house, yet you get a description of the roof and the chimney.  That tells you that the person is not standing in the position you wanted them to be in, to give you the information you are seeking.

Even then though, you cannot discount the information you're given since there could be reasons for you receiving information you weren't initially seeking.

One - could be, as I described before, that they are not standing where you need them to stand, therefore they're not seeing what you need them to, therefore you're not 'clicking' with that intuitive, or

Two - There could be a VERY good reason, a necessary reason for you to hear that information.  There's a need for YOU to know that information.  Maybe (as in the example above) the house you're interested in has a caved in roof, or a chimney missing.  The person on top of the roof will be able to tell you that, even if you didn't imagine that there would be a problem with anything on the roof.  But along comes an intuitive, giving you info you didn't think to look for... but there it is.  That unsought piece of information that will help you chose a 'solid' house.  One where the roof is intact and with a chimney.  Or, at least you know that there is work required on the roof, prior to owning that house.

Then there is another type of intuitive.

Those that can 'fly' - as I call it.  Who can, after you voice what you're inquiring about, fly around the situation and see it from many angles.

How can you determine that?  How can you know when a psychic can 'fly'?

While speaking with them and you have received information about your situation from different angles.  Only then can you make that judgement. 

So, in conclusion, it's important to remember that even if it isn't exactly the information you originally went to gather, that you give ear to what is being said.  There might be information you didn't look for, but just like a good surveyor, your intuitive gives you information from MANY angles. Gives you pertinent information so that you can know as much as possible about your situation.  The more information you have, the better your decisions and choices can be.

And that's where magic comes in....

Yes, Magic.  The kind that can be there for you at the tip of your finger, helping you have the life you desire and deserve.

Check back soon for the next post in my series of "PSYCHICS - THE SAGA - Chapter 2: The Magic That We Can".

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