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Hi all, have already posted a couple of times but thought i'd introduce myself.

I've been doing investigations for quite few years now and belong to two groups across the UK. I'm interested in the technical side, mainly because I want some confirmation and am looking for the 'Whole Real' experience. That is to say if a sensitive person tells me they have a spirit in the corner of a room I want to be able to 'prove' that through something I can measure i.e. changes in emf, static, magnetism, vibration and so on.

To do this I use a cctv system that films our group and the dvr cameras. The dvr in turn records the room, equipment etc. which in turn has it's own recording. A good example of this was a private house I did last year. The dvr recorded a large emf spike on the MEL meter following which the battery on the MEL died. Shortly after the DVR battery died. I commented that it would be better if the dvr came back on again - and 20 seconds later it did! - all recorded on audio and the cctv covering the room. If I get time I'll post it up for you.

I've done a lot of investigating and very occaisionally something comes up. I believe that almost all 'orbs' are dust but have - once - caught a light anomoly that passed in front of my dvr in only five frames. That said I am curious about dust activity in rooms that are locked off. Therefore, rather than dismiss dust, we should be experimenting with it - asking for activity in locked off rooms. After all we know that dust is affected by static electricity, I only have to look at my tv!

So there we go, I'm largely a sceptic but am open to all things if some kind of proof or corroboration can be found. I like the idea of everyone coming together and perhaps we could look at coming up with experiments. One idea I have is of four K2 or trifield meters in a room - all being filmed. We could ask for a spirit to move slowly around the room, lighting them in turn. Sadly I don't have four of these at present but if anyone does, how about giving it a go and posting the video of any results.


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